Paleontologists Unearths a Distinctive Hook-Clawed Dinosaur in Montana!

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“From the depths of time, out of the Hell Creek Formation, emerged the last of the hook-handed dinosaurs: Captain Hook… of the Prairie,” ScienceAlert  reports.
”This fearsome creature had a tooth-filled snout and large, viciously hooked claws. But each talon sat at the end of the most ridiculously short and stubby, single-fingered hand.”
“For all its sharp bits and absurd limbs, Trierarchuncus prairiensis may have in fact been rather cute – if researchers’ impressions of what it may have looked like can be believed – thanks to its primitive feather fluff and long tail. It was only about three meters long – tiny compared to many of the other giant beasts that have been discovered in the Hell Creek rock formation, including many T. rex and Triceratops.”

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