Playing chess where pieces time travel is confusing – in a good way

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Computer game 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel isn’t for the faint-hearted because it means keeping track of all the possible threats to every king that ever existed

Humans 9 September 2020
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Seeing all the possible moves isn’t the same as anticipating threats

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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel



THERE is a phrase that has entered the political lexicon recently. When a politician does something that looks really incompetent, wannabe analysts will fall over backwards to explain why this is part of a dastardly plan that mere mortals can’t comprehend. “X is playing 5D chess!” they exclaim.

If so, that explains a lot about the state of the world because 5D chess is brain-meltingly hard. I have been playing 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel and …

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