Pro NFL Players’ First Endorsement Deal Is A Lineup Of VR Products

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“For professional athletes, their image is their brand. Often times the endorsements they make and products they sponsor can be just as important as what they do on the field, perhaps even more so. So when the 2019 NFL MVP decides that the first official endorsement deal of his career will be a suit of custom VR products and activations, you tend to take notice.” VRScout reports
“Our goal as a company has always been to create experiences powered by player’s data that brings fans as close as they’ve ever been to experiencing what it is like to play professional football,” added Troy Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Status Pro. “We want to accomplish this by aligning ourselves with NFL players and combining their experiences with our platform. Thus, giving them ownership and creative freedom to ensure we bring the most realistic products to market. Lamar Jackson’s unprecedented journey and skill set makes him the perfect partner to assist us in launching this platform. We are excited about sharing his experience with fans worldwide.”

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