Real time settlement in private capital markets via Security Tokens revealed in our interview with Ami Ben-David of Ownera.

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Real Time Settlement.001

Trading and Settlement in Legacy Finance is the story of the Ferrari and the Donkey.

Daily Fintech “We measure trading in fractions of a second. That is a Ferrari. Then we climb out of that speed machine and get onto the old grey donkey to do settlement in days (T+1 or 2). All of that changes when we move to Real-Time Settlement or to be more technically accurate – concurrent Delivery Versus Payment (DVP), which was defined by Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in 1992 (but had to wait for Satoshi Nakamoto to make it technically feasible in 2009).”

I just witnessed a demo of Delivery Versus Payment in the private capital market that took about 3 seconds. I call 3 seconds  “human real-time”

because it is enough time for a conversation along these lines; “I sent you the cash. Got it?” Yes”, I just put your shares into our cap table. See it? “Yes” “OK, all done”.at could be worth $ millions.


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