‘Rec Room’ Exceeds 3M User-created Levels with 40M Monthly Visits, Creator Monetization in the Works

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Rec Room has grown significantly since it first came to prominence on PC VR headsets in 2016, since adding a slew of first-party multiplayer games as well as the ability for users to create their own spaces, which has predictably seen an explosion in content on the platform. Now, Rec Room has given us some insight into their success, and also a look at what’s next for the plucky social VR platform.

The studio today announced that Rec Room has exceeded three million user-created levels, which includes 40 million room visits per month. Additionally, the studio says that over 60 million friends have been made in Rec Room to date.

Those are really impressive numbers for a VR app of any stripe, however what’s more astounding is that the platform has tripled its player base since this time last year, which may have something to do with its launch on Oculus Quest in May 2019.

Battle Royale in ‘Rec Royale’, Image courtesy Rec Room

With a still fairly fresh round of funding under its belt, the studio is also announcing what it calls a “big expansion of the creation tools,” which will include a new terrain system and a new vehicle system. Neither are finished yet, however it promises to make user-created spaces bigger, more intricate, and more traversable with the addition of pilotable vehicles.

Moreover, the game’s developers want to further incentivize its creators with real cash. At the moment, creators can earn the in-game currency (tokens) by selling their inventions and keys in their rooms. The studio promises that its creators will one day be able to support themselves by being a full-time Rec Room creator. Just how the studio plans on bringing that to reality, they haven’t said just yet.

Rec Room is available for free on PC, PS4, SteamVR headsets, PSVR, and Quest, however now the studio says it will also be coming to Xbox as well.

There’s no launch date there yet, however would-be Rec Roomies can sign up for the studios newsletter for the latest updates. Just as with its upcoming Xbox release, all versions of Rec Room include universal cross-play.

Update (1:30 PM ET): A previous version of this article referred to the developers by their old name (Against Gravity), however we’ve been told that this name is no longer in use, and has been replaced simply by Rec Room. We’ve replaced the name in the article to avoid any further confusion.

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