Sanjana Sanghi mourns the loss of her Dil Bechara co-star Sushant Singh Rajput

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filmfares– “It’s a month since Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. The 34-year-old passed away in his Bandra residence on June 14. The Mumbai police declared his death as a suicide. However, they are continuing with their investigation into his death as to what prompted the suicide. The police have already questioned friends and colleagues of the actor .”
“Amidst all this, Sushant’s Dil Bechara co-star Sanjana Sanghi shared a special note dedicated to the actor. Sanjana wrote that even though it’s been a month, the wounds are still fresh. She wrote, “Whoever said time helps heal all wounds was lying. Some feel like they’re being ripped open, again and again, and bleeding: Of moments now will forever remain memories. Of laughs together that was but will never again be. Of questions that will remain unanswered. Of disbelief, that only keeps growing. But these wounds also contain a film, a gift that everyone is yet to see. Wounds that contain dreams, plans, and desires for our country’s children, their education and their future that will be fulfilled, wounds that contain a passion for an endless creative zest for every artist there is, wounds that contain the hope for a world that promises to uphold honesty, integrity, kindness and embraces individuality – rid of all toxicity. I vow that I will do everything to make sure each of these dreams is fulfilled like you always wanted me to. Except, you’d promised we’d do it all together. #sushantSinghRajput #Thinkingofyou”
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