Singer Lady A Reacts to Lawsuit: I Am Not “Going to Be Erased” By Lady Antebellum

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The artist says she suggested, “They go by the Band Lady A, or Lady A the Band, and I could be Lady A the Artist.” However, she claims they did not agree.
White explains that distinguishing between the band and herself as a singer would allow her to not lose the online presence she’s built over the years. Andrea Williams, the author of the Vulture article, adds, “A search for Lady A reveals the band first, and while White appears close to the top in artist results (second on Spotify, for example, and third on iTunes, after both “Lady A” the band and “Lady Antebellum”), her music is sometimes dozens of entries deep, far beneath the country group’s vast catalog.”
For this reason, White says she and her legal representatives asked for $ 10 million for the band’s continued use of the moniker, half of which she would use to rebrand as an independent musician, with the rest going to organizations that support the Black community. E! Online (US) reports.

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