“Someone told me words were had” – Phil Hay explains why Leeds were unhappy ahead of Tykes clash

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Leeds United vs Barnsley was quite a cagey game.

The Whites ended up winning 1-0 via an own goal, but the Tykes had their chances to get something, and it was certainly a tense occasion.

The tension amongst supporters was perhaps amplified even more due to the lack of crowd noise on Sky Sports’ broadcast of the game, something that we’ve become accustomed to hearing since the restart.

Usually, fans have the choice of listening to the piped-in chants or not, but on Thursday there was no option to have the simulated atmosphere playing throughout the game.

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Many fans were left wondering why, and Phil Hay seemed to have an explanation.

What’s been said then?

It was pondered before the game started that Sky may change their crowd noise for this game after Leeds flagged up their use of the infamous ‘falling apart again’ chant in recent weeks.

“I know that Leeds have been a bit unhappy about the ‘falling apart chants’. You don’t want to be petty about it but at the same time, I feel like it’s a bit below the belt and unnecessary for Sky to be doing that. Someone told me that words were had during the Stoke game so I’ll be interested to see what happens this evening (obviously we’re in the ground so can’t hear the Sky coverage).” Hay said before the game in his Athletic Q&A session.

The game would then be played without crowd noise, and another fan asked if Leeds’ complaints were the reason for this change, to which the journalist replied:

“Possibly. I know that Leeds weren’t especially happy about that. It was a bit below the belt IMO.”

Helping the agenda

Leeds fans have had an agenda against Sky for years at this point, and this is just adding more fuel to the fire.

What scoreline does this iconic Leeds image belong to?

To be fair, they do have a point this time, using the chant on their broadcast is blatantly mocking the club, and the fanbase have every right to feel aggrieved about this.

Obviously the club have taken issue with this, with Hay hearing that words were had, and Sky eventually made the decision to pull the plug on the crowd noise.

We can only hope that they fix this issue and the atmosphere will return for United’s next game on TV.

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