Spain’s population to halve and Nigeria to be dominant global power within 80 years, report predicts

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Packed streets in Lagos, Nigeria, as a report suggests economies in Africa and the Arab world will start to dominate

“The global population is likely to shrink after the middle of this century, triggering shifts in economic power, a new report suggests.” –News sky 
“There will be around 9.7 billion people on the planet by 2064, but that number will decrease to 8.8 billion by the year 2100, according to a new report in the medical journal The Lancet.”
“Populations in 23 countries, including Japan, Spain, and Italy, are forecast to decline by more than half, according to the research, with another 34 countries, including China, seeing a drop of more than 25%.”

“However, sub-Saharan Africa will buck the trend, and is set to see a growth of more than three times its current population, thanks to falling death rates in the region and the rising number of women reaching child-bearing age.”

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