The 10 Biggest Ultras Groups in the World

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Throughout world football, there are often groups of people that feel so attached to the clubs they support that it exceeds normal fandom or support. These individuals form together, over many years, creating fan groups dedicated to the club and their beliefs – these are more commonly known as ‘Ultra Groups’.

Ultra groups date back to the 1930s, where there were evident groups of individuals who associated themselves strongly with football teams in Brazil – these then grew across the world with the first known ‘Ultra Group’ being that of Hajduk Split in 1950, where the Torcida Split was formed by the fans of the club.

The ideology of the ultra movement has developed world over, and hundreds, if not thousands, of fan groups, have been formed from them until the present – with a strong presence in Europe and especially Italy. Here, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Ultra Groups world over…

Hajduk Split – Torcida Split


It would make sense to start with the original ultra group of Europe. Torcida Split was formed by a group of students in Zagreb, after witnessing the passionate crowds from Brazil during the 1950 World Cup.

They are regarded as the oldest organised supporter group in Europe, and they are extremely dominant across Dalmatia – with strong relationships with the ultra groups of Benfica, Saint Etienne, the Polish club Gornik Zabrze, and fellow Dalmatian ultra group Tornado Zadar.

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