The Apprentice star Lottie Lion recalls sexual assault on train

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The Apprentice 2019 contestant Lottie Lion has shared her story of being sexually assaulted on a train earlier this year.

The former reality star, 22, took to TikTok to tell her followers about the horrific ordeal, which happened while she was travelling alone.

She said she was sexually assaulted by one man while his two friends filmed it.

Lottie was standing on a platform, waiting for her train from Reading, Berkshire to Bristol Temple Meads station on March 24 at around 10pm.

She was attacked by the men as she talked to her friend on the phone. 

She recalls that one man pulled down her top and took a photo of her chest, after which she hurried onto her train to escape the gang.

The reality star opened up about her ordeal on TikTok (Picture: Lottie Lion TikTok)
Lottie sent this Snapchat to her friend after getting off the train (Picture: Lottie Lion TikTok)

However, she says they followed her before one sexually assaulted her in the carriage, as the other two recorded it on a mobile phone.

‘I went and sat in a busy carriage because that’s what you are always told to do, go and be near people. And I just sat there trying not to panic for about 10 minutes,’ she said.

‘When I looked up and saw the carriage doors open, these three men were walking into my carriage while looking directly at me.

‘There was quite a bit of commotion on the train and so a conductor came immediately.’

She described the assault as ‘horrendous,’ but praised the police for their help (Picture: Lottie Lion TikTok)

She said a passerby explained the situation and she was ‘immediately taken to the first class carriage’ and given space to herself.

She said the ‘horrendous’ attack could have been because her attackers recognised her from her time on The Apprentice, but couldn’t be certain.

Lottie posted the story on social media in response to a video about British Transport Police.

The video saw the BTP explain how they help women travelling on public transport alone, and Lottie praised them for their support after her assault.

‘I was told by the conductor to text 61016 which I did,’ she added ‘Which is the British Transport Police’s number.’

lottie lion

Lottie rose to prominence following her appearance on The Apprentice (Picture: PA)

The star was ‘immediately given a phone call’ with people who stayed on the phone for the remainder of her journey.

‘At the very next station, the police were waiting and they came onboard and arrested all three of the men,’ she added.

When Lottie arrived at her own station the police came and picked her up and took her to Victim Support, offering ‘loads of comfort.’

They then drover her back to her flat so she wasn’t on her own.

Lottie commended the police for how they handled her situation and made her feel ‘so safe.’

Lottie then urged other women to contact them if they are assaulted while travelling. has contacted Lottie and the Transport Police for comment.

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