The iPhone & iPad design teams have developed face masks for Apple employees

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Apple created and manufactured a face shield in April that could be shipped to hospitals and other places in need of personal protective equipment. Now, the company has created two face masks.

Custom face masks from the people behind iPhone

To limit the spread of COVID-19 inside stores and offices, Apple has unveiled the ‘Apple Face Mask’ and ‘Apple ClearMask’ for its workforce. These replace the standard cloth masks that have been supplied until now.

Bloomberg (via MacRumors) claims the masks are designed and manufactured entirely by Apple. The Engineering and Industrial Design teams, which are in charge of the iPhone and iPad, are responsible for the mask designs.

Apple conducted extensive research and testing internally to find materials that filter particles adequately while not disrupting the crucial supply of medical personal protective equipment. 

The Apple Face Mask can be washed and reused five times, according to the report. It features three layers of material to filter air, as well as coverings on the top and bottom for the nose and chin. 

The Apple ClearMask, on the other hand, is a completely transparent surgical mask – the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA. It shows the wearer’s face so that people can better understand them. 

Apple plans to send the Face Mask to staff over the next couple of weeks. A timeline for the ClearMask rollout was not provided.

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, PhoneArena reports

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