The NextPit take: first breath of fresh air for mature foldables

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Deciding on the winners and losers of the week has probably never been more difficult than in this week of September. Many tech companies emerged as winners this week. Only Sony is a possible loser.

Apple revealed the date of its September keynote, Huawei introduced new products, Motorola launched a new version of the foldable Razr – it was a thoroughly positive week for many tech giants. And although we briefly discussed whether the fact that Samsung is not allowed to supply Huawei with smartphone components is enough for the negative title, the new FreeBuds Pro and the Watch GT 2 Pro stood out positively. Also, Apple fans could have been losers this week. But since it’s only a rumor that we don’t expect new iPhones on Apple’s fall keynote on September 15th, we saved the drama for another time on this point.

Winner of the week: smartphone nerds

Some of you might remember the very first opinion article I was allowed to write for NextPit. The line was basically that nobody wants them. What has happened since then in this young product category? Quite a lot! So much that I retract my statement nine months later. Because in these nine months, the smartphone manufacturers have worked on fruitful concepts. The foldable embryo grew into a living being with all the important limbs. Numerous revised foldables were born in the past months and weeks. We were thrilled with the Galaxy Z Flip, while the exciting Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already on its way to our editorial office.

motorola razr 2
The new Moto Razr 5G was recently introduced. / © Motorola

The LG Wing with its rotating display is supposed to be officially introduced soon and recently Motorola has re-launched the Manolo Blahnik among smartphones. The result is a small, improved brother of the first Motorola Razr, which has since proved popular with even a premature birth on the smartphone market without good reviews.

Our winners of the week are all those who enjoy the innovations in the mobile phone market and will soon have a rich choice of several good, well-matured foldable or swivel-screen smartphones.

Loser of the week: Sony under pressure

In the home console market, some long-awaited children will soon see the light of day. While the Xbox Series X and Series S are expected to November 10, 2020, Dr. Sony has not yet announced a concrete birth date for the new PlayStation 5. However, the new console will probably be under numerous Christmas trees by 24 December at the latest.

sony ps5 design
The new PlayStation 5: how much will it cost? / © Sony

We are also not worried about the release date of both game consoles. Rather, we are more interested in the price after this week. This is because Microsoft was virtually forced to confirm the surprisingly low prices of £429 and  £249 respectively due to leaks. The focus is now on the price for the PlayStation and Sony is now under pressure to win this price war.

At Microsoft, production costs have increased due to the processor, memory, and SSD – that’s no secret. All the more surprisingly, the confirmation of the prices for the flagship and the slimmed-down version was well-received by console fans. Sony can only follow suit with an extremely aggressive pricing policy, but nobody is expecting that at the moment.

However, the Japanese giant is expected to respond after Microsoft was forced to open the battle. A PS5 that is cheaper than the Xbox Series X would be a big win in this console “war”. What had greatly contributed to the success of the PS4 in 2013 was, besides the exclusive catalog, its price of $ 399, $ 100 less than the Xbox One at $ 499. But history generally never repeats itself, right?

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