Trump’s coronavirus disaster puts three critical Sunbelt states in Biden’s reach

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The poll shows Biden either ahead or extremely competitive in each state, all of which Trump won (some handily) in 2016.

Presidential Head-to-Head
Trump Biden
ARizona 46% 46%
Florida 42% 48%
Texas 46% 45%

About three-quarters of voters in each state see the pandemic as either a “crisis” or a “very serious” problem, and between 62%-69% of voters in all three states say efforts to contain the coronavirus are “going badly.”

How are efforts to contain the coronavirus in your state going?
Arizona Florida Texas
Going well 31% 34% 37%
Going Badly 69% 65% 62%

Along similar lines, some six in 10 voters in these states say their reopenings happened too quickly, and among voters who believe it happened too quickly, roughly two-thirds say that was due to pressure from Trump rather than what the state thought was right. 

voters who thought their state reopened too quickly, and why?
Arizona Florida Texas
Too Quickly 60% 64% 61%
due to pressure from Trump/state thought it was right 70% pressure/30% right 68% pressure/32% right 63% pressure/37% right

All of these numbers add up to a corresponding increase of support for Biden from voters as their concern about the pandemic rises. Here is CBS’ summation.

Trump did indeed pressure states to reopen before they even met the safety guidelines put out by his own administration, and now his actions are wreaking havoc in those states. The only silver lining of this tragedy is that Trump’s coronavirus debacle appears to be costing him votes. Particularly if he loses Florida—where several recent high-quality polls have given Biden the edge—victory becomes all but impossible for him. 

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