Trump’s unprecedented bribes to farmers may be impossible to claw back, experts say

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Daily Kos– “Worse yet, the payments have flooded out with almost zero oversight from Congress. Instead, the Agriculture Department has just been left to its own devices in terms of deciding where to direct the taxpayer aid.” Naturally, Trump has capitalized on the glut to endear himself to farmers—voters he can’t afford to alienate in the heartland. In a January tweet, Trump said he hoped the “massive” subsidies would be “the thing [farmers] will most remember” about him helping them “get through tough times.” Trump failed to mention that he was also personally responsible for helping to create said “tough times.”

“It’s a big problem for agriculture because it’s not sustainable,” Anne Schechinger, senior economics analyst at the watchdog organization Environmental Working Group, told Politico. “It’s really difficult once you’re giving farmers this much money to then take away those [payments].”


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