Until You Fall out 29th September for PlayStation VR & Oculus Quest

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During the wave of videogame announcements back in June, Schell Games revealed that its virtual reality (VR) title for PC headsets Until You Fall would be ported over to Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR this year. The wait is now almost over as the studio has confirmed the release date for the end of September.

Until You Fall

Until You Fall is a magical sword fighting experience with procedurally generated levels so that each time you play the locations and enemy placements will have changed to provide a new challenge each time.

Set in the realm of Rokar, you play a Rune Knight sworn to protect these lands from invaders. Schell Games has created four character classes, each with their own particular traits to suit everyone’s fighting style. For example, there’s The Tactician who likes to utilize the environment and is well-balanced between strong attacks and magical prowess. The Bruiser, on the other hand, likes to use brute force, favouring large and heavy weapons. The Rogue is a faster class, with smaller blades which are easier to handle, great for getting into then out of battle. Lastly, you always need a wizard or mage class and that falls to The Spellsword, who combines magical abilities with powerful swordsmanship.

Most of the gameplay revolves around physical sword fights, blocking and parrying attacks, waiting for the right moment to strike opponents. As you progress you’ll unlock health, magic and other character upgrades to make you more resilient in a fight. Die, however, and you’ll be sent back to a hub location where those improvements will be lost, starting the next run afresh.

Until You Fall

The hub will offer you the chance to change weapons and unlock new ones, so you can switch between single and dual-wielding to test varying strategies. Weapons can also be improved to help give you an edge.

Schell Games will release Until You Fall on 29th September 2020 for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. The date will also see the videogame leave Early Access for PC VR headsets on Steam and Oculus Store. For further updates on Schell Games’ latest VR projects, keep reading VRFocus.

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