Vile NY Times Smears Trump With Nazi Insults: Upcoming ‘Reichstag Fire’

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Newsbusters– “The New York Times will stop at nothing to paint President Trump and fellow Republicans as racist, even Nazi-level threats while ignoring Democratic political trolling and the violence that took place under the anti-racism rubric during recent racial protest marches.”
Foreign affairs columnist Roger Cohen, writing from Paris, hysterically compared the Trump era to the Nazi era in his Saturday column, “The Most Dangerous Phase of Trump’s Rule.”

….the overarching threat the United States faces in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election is from Trump. The fascism in the air is on the far right of the political spectrum. If Trump could identify national humiliation as his ace in the hole in 2016, he can also seize the potential of the coronavirus pandemic to muddy the waters and stir pervasive fear.
Trump is preparing the ground to contest any loss to Joe Biden and remain president, aided, no doubt, by Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department.

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