Walmart is Selling Quest 2 (64GB) at Its Lowest Price Yet

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Oculus Quest 2 already the best and least expensive standalone VR headset on the market, and now it has hit an all-time low price of $200—if you don’t mind skimping on storage.

Quest 2 initially launched with a 64GB model for $300 and a 256GB model for $400. Not long ago the 64GB model was discontinued in favor of a larger 128GB model at the same $300 price point.

Walmart is now selling refurbished units of the Quest 2 64GB model for just $200, marking an all-time low price for the headset. This is the very same hardware as the other models, just with less storage for games and apps.

Because the 64GB model was discontinued, this is likely a ‘while supplies last’ situation, but if you’re looking to save some cash and don’t mind keeping an eye on your storage, this is the cheapest we’ve ever seen this headset sold for from a major retailer.

As far as we can see, this isn’t a special sale price; the headset will presumably be sold at this price until stock runs out. If you’re looking for a deal on the Quest 2 models with more storage, check out the Oculus Cyber Monday sale before it’s gone!


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