Wang Yi: China will react firmly and rationally to peremptory US acts

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On July 28, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi shared his view on China-US relations with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian during a telephone conversation.

Wang said that the current China-US relationship has become a source of concern for many in the international community. The fundamental reason for this is that a certain political faction in the US, driven by the need to lift campaign prospects and maintain unipolar hegemony, are going all out to negate the history of China-US relations, suppress China on every front, provoke China on its core interests, attack the social system chosen by the Chinese people, and vilify the ruling party with inseparable links to the Chinese people. They have forsaken the most basic sense of propriety in interactions between countries and breached the very bottom line of international norms. Such behavior is stark power politics that can be captured by one word: hegemony.

Wang called for vigilance to US Secretary of State Pompeo’s recent remarks instigating renewed ideological confrontation and leading the world to a new Cold War. It is as if we can already see the ghost of McCarthyism coming back from the ashes. Should such conspiracy theories be allowed to have their way, not only will China-US relations fall into the abyss of confrontation, but the whole world will face a crisis of division and the entire mankind’s future will be in peril.

Wang Yi noted that the US, promoting “America First” over the past years, has been going further down the path of unilateralism, repeatedly breaking its international commitments and obligations, and severely undermining international law and order. The number of international treaties that this US administration pulled out from is far larger than that of any of its predecessors. What’s worse, at the critical time when solidarity is most needed by the international community to fight COVID-19, the US announced withdrawal from the WHO and dodged its responsibilities as a major country despite objections from all over the world. It has become the biggest perpetrator to destroy the current international order, making it a country that stands in opposition to the historical trend and the international community.

Wang Yi noted that with the US being so blatant and unreasonable, China will make firm and rational responses.

First, China will take firm countermeasures against the egregious behaviors that undermine China’s legitimate rights and interests. China doesn’t stir up troubles and always exercises maximum restraint. Not long ago, the US forcefully demanded the closure of China’s consulate general in Houston, a provocation against our sovereignty and dignity, which was surely met with our legitimate and necessary response. This is consistent with customary diplomatic practices and a due right enjoyed by all sovereign nations.

Second, China and the United States should engage in rational communication. We will never allow a few anti-China elements to overturn decades of successful exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States, nor will we allow ideological prejudice to undermine the future development of China-US relations. The US reckless provocation of confrontation and division is so out of touch with the reality that the interests of China and the United States are deeply integrated and so out of sync with the common aspirations of people of all countries. We, bearing in mind the common interests of the Chinese and American people and the people of the world, stand ready to strive to maintain the stability of China-US relations through equal communication and exchanges with the US side.

Third, the international community should jointly uphold solidarity and cooperation. We believe that all countries will make the right and wise decisions, instead of being held hostage by a small number of American politicians. All countries will make concerted efforts to prevent the world from being dragged into a new Cold War of conflict and confrontation and the process of globalization from being brutally interrupted. Tolerating a bully will not keep you safe. It will only let the bully get bolder and act worse. All countries should act to resist any unilateral or hegemonic act and safeguard world peace and development.

Wang Yi said that we are still full of confidence in the future of the world because acting against what’s right and good can never be popular and everlasting. Peace and cooperation will surely be the choice of The times and the people.


Source: China Embassy

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