Watch what happens when Houston cops work with a man recording them instead of brutally retaliating

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“Hell naw,” one of the bystanders responded. Then, the officer asked again: “Help us out!”
“That’s when Fields stepped in. “Don’t do all that resisting, bro. Chill out, bro,” he told the suspect. The officer explained that the captured man didn’t want to give police his arms to be handcuffed, so Fields lied down on the ground and looked the man in his eyes. “Give him your arm bro,” Fields told him. At that point, one of the bystanders on the scene could be seen grabbing the suspect’s arms while explaining that he didn’t want the man to get hurt. Officers were then able to handcuff the suspect, the video showed. “To me, that should be a training video for society and for the police officers to illustrate how we should work together,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told KTRK.” –Daily Kos


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