Wearing masks is now the most important thing for the economy, Fed’s Kaplan says

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This is what is so infuriating about our current situation.

On the on hand, we have a group of folks who are OK with temporarily wearing masks for the greater good (and, incidentally, for their own best interests). These folks typically recognize that is a minor inconvenience that is the best practical thing we can do to at the moment.

On the other hand, we have a group of people who think the Republic itself is under siege, that being “forced” to wear masks is just a slippery slope towards Communism or something, etc. But, they also lament the economic damage that’s been done and they’ve pushed to have states prematurely reopen (which has been an unmitigated catastrophe thus far) to save jobs.

It’s mindblowing to me that the anti-maskers can’t see that their obstinance is what is prolonging (and probably deepening) the economic damage. My state (GA) was one of the first to re-open, but the economy has not even come close to returning to normal. People aren’t going to go out and spend money when this behavior carries new risks. It’s that simple.

Refusing to wear a mask only prolongs all of this. Sad!

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