What Will the Next Covid Stimulus Bill Look Like?

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“I think it is possible that there will be no stimulus bill Mish, the two sides are so far apart even though as you point out both have some good ideas. I always thought that the $ 600 per week was far too generous on top of state UI that ranges up to $ 1,250 per week in Massachusetts. I mean the federal government thinks that $ 716 TOTAL is all your disabled vet needs per week, these unemployed are getting more than 100% disabled vets.”
“Here is the tangled path in my own mind as to DC’s thinking, we are now just 16 weeks from the election, the democrats in the house passed a new stimulus bill quite a while ago and the GOP in the Senate has blocked it. In the minds of the democrats, the GOP is what is blocking vital assistance to tens of millions of really scared people, those will vote against the GOP come November so it is in the political interest of the democrats to stand there and point fingers at the GOP.” –Mish Talk

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