Woman who joined Islamic State as teenager can return to Britain, court rules

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“The court ruled Thursday she could travel to Britain to challenge the citizenship revocation.

The decision to remove her citizenship and deny her and her son’s return to Britain sparked public uproar and debate. Some saw her as an extremist who willingly joined an extremist organization and could pose a national security threat on British soil. Others said regardless of her affiliations with the Islamic State, which she joined as a minor, she deserved the chance to face justice in Britain.” Washington Poat reports

Begum’s lawyer said Thursday that she “is not afraid of facing British justice. She welcomes it,” the Associated Press reported. “But the stripping of her citizenship without a chance to clear her name is not justice — it is the opposite.”

“It remains unclear how and when Begum, who is now 20, could return to Britain, a trip that would likely require the assistance of British authorities. The British Home Office said Thursday it would “apply for permission to appeal” that would allow her admittance, according to the BBC.”


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